Over 100 hotels on the coast are waiting for tourists

More than 100 hotels on the coast are waiting for tourists after June 1, when the terraces open

Over 100 hotels on the coast are waiting for tourists
Photo by Steve Bidmead

More than 100 hotels in the Romanian resorts on the Black Sea, representing a quarter of the accommodation capacity of the seaside, have opened or will open and are waiting for tourists starting June 1, when the terraces will open, results from the data of the Mamaia-Constanța Employers' Organization. The association estimates that in the first week of June, around 10,000 Romanian tourists will stay on the Romanian coast.

The fact that the HORECA representatives announced yesterday, after the discussion with the prime minister, that the terraces of the restaurants will open from June 1, determined many hoteliers from the sea to prepare the opening of their units starting with this date, in order to receive tourists. Thus, according to the data of the Mamaia-Constanța Employers' Organization (OPMCTA), over 100 hotels on the coast have already opened or will open around June 1.

Basically, the official opening of the seaside for tourists will be on June 1, although there are still hotels and guesthouses open to the sea that actually received tourists this weekend. They came for recreational purposes - fishing, kiting and for outdoor sports. Most of them arrived on the beaches of Mamaia, Vama Veche and in the Danube Delta.

Anca Nedea, the executive director of OPMCTA, said that most of the hotels that open also have covered terraces, where meals will be served. Even those without a terrace will be able to receive tourists, because at the beginning of June most stays include only breakfast, which can be served in the room, in room service or delivery. At the same time, the terraces of independent seaside restaurants will be opened.

Even if the over 100 hotels accumulate about 35,000 accommodation places, the employer's organization estimates an occupancy rate of 25-30%, which means that 8,500-10,000 tourists will stay in the classified structures on the coast in the first week of June.

"In the first week of June last year, most of the hotels on the coast were open, and the occupancy rate was still 25-30%. However, this is a number of hotels four times higher than of those that open this year on June 1, of course, there were four times as many tourists ", explained Anca Nedea.

She expects the number of tourists on the seaside to increase in the second week of June, because Pentecost follows on the weekend of June 7-8, when, traditionally, Romanians come on a mini-holiday at sea.